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IPL and Laser Treatments

Skin rejuvenation for face and body


The Icon aesthetic system combines state of the art cooling with high peak powers designed to promote greater comfort and treat a variety of conditions with excellent  outcomes for all skin types.


IPL photorejuvenation (Intense Pulsed Light)

This cosmetic procedure uses pulses of intense light to treat undesirable pigment and vessels which occur as a result of aging and lifestyle choices. The pulses of light target and destroy vascular and pigmented lesions associated with spider veins, rosacea, sun damage and age spots. These damaged lesions are then cleared by the body, removing the appearance of the lesion from the skin. Furthermore, the treatment considerably improves the texture of the skin by tightening it and refining the pores.


Skin resurfacing

Non ablative fractionnal laser treatments create tiny thermal columns of heat while sparing the tissue surronding the columns from damage. This process stimulates your body's collagen production to fill in unwanted skin imperfections such as fine lines or wrinkles, giving you a smoother, firmer and younger looking skin


Treatment of scars

Laser scar treatment can be used on surgical scars, acne scars and stretch marks. Pulses of laser light are used to break down scar tissue. This triggers a wound-healing process that replaces the disorganized, compacted scar tissue with healthy new tissue, greatly diminishing the appearance of the scar tissue.

Hair Removal

Light is used to target hair follicles. The pulses of light are absorbed by melanin, the pigment in hair. This heats up the hair and destroys the cells responsible for hair growth, to achieve long term hair reduction. Only hair in the active growth stage of the growth cycle is affected, therefore multiple treatments are required for maximum results.

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